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Aboriginal Peoples’ Commission

Ah’neen – Boozhoo – Wachay – Tansi – Edlanete

Who We Are

With the creation of the Aboriginal Peoples’ Commission (APC) in 1990, the Liberal Party of Canada (LPC) became the first and only political party to formally recognize the unique place that Aboriginal Peoples occupy in Canada, by providing us the opportunity to represent ourselves within a federal party.

The Aboriginal Peoples’ Commission represents and promotes the interests of Aboriginal members of the Liberal Party and encourages the active and equitable participation of Aboriginal people at all levels of the Party structure.

Since its inception, the APC has played an important role in the direction of the Liberal Party of Canada. Through the development of Aboriginal policy, through general elections, and through the Aboriginal caucus, the Commission has successfully represented the concerns of Aboriginal Canadians at the Party level, thereby increasing Aboriginal participation in the broader political system.

The Aboriginal Peoples’ Commission executive works extremely hard to ensure that First Nation, Inuit and Metis voices are present and relevant at the policy making and government forums.

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