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Tim Kane acclaimed Saanich-Gulf Islands Liberal Candidate

Posted on February 14, 2015


(Sidney, BC, February 14, 2015)

The Liberal Party of Canada in Saanich-Gulf Islands has acclaimed Saanich business owner, Tim Kane, 62, as the Team Trudeau candidate in the next federal election.

Speaking to a meeting at the Mary Winspear Centre, Kane said that after decades as a Liberal supporter, the leap to becoming a candidate was a big jump but, “not nearly as frightening as the view from the edge of the precipice that Mr. Harper has pushed Canada toward.”

In accepting the nomination, Kane outlined his reasons for becoming a candidate saying, “Now I stand for something: Change: Positive change that will restore our government to one that is compassionate, honest, democratic and respectful. Change that will restore the well-earned respect for our courts, our veterans, the middle class and the working poor, our scientists,  law enforcement, our Constitution, the Supreme Court,  our Parliament and the dying.

Kane explained that he believes Canada’s best hope for positive change is to encourage Canadians from all shades of the political spectrum to join him to help Justin Trudeau form a majority Liberal government.

Kane said, “A Liberal government will end the Harper conservatives’ attacks on scientists, bring new support for our veterans, create strong environmental policies that will enable Canada to stand tall in the world and see us deliver our natural resources to market in a responsible and consultative way.

He told the gathering of more than 60 that, “In this day and age, we all understand the crisis of climate change and are prepared to take action.  But let’s look at the facts for the past four years.  The environment is now threatened more than ever before.  Targets for the reduction of greenhouse gases have been missed and have now been lowered.  More than 2 million lakes and rivers have been taken off the protected list.”

Our environment can’t wait any longer.  We need action now.  A Liberal government will undo the damage and make up for the neglect that we have witnessed from the Harper conservatives.”