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Thank you for voting celebration

Posted on July 10, 2013

For at the heart of their (The Conservative Government’s) unambitious agenda is the idea that “better” is just not possible.

That to hope for something more from our politics and our leaders, more humanity, more transparency, more compassion, is naive and inevitably, will lead to disappointment.

And they will promote that divisive and destructive idea with passionate intensity. They will do so for a simple reason…
They are afraid. But… And I want to make this perfectly clear… My fellow Canadians, it is not my leadership that Mr. Harper and his party fear.

It’s yours.

– Justin Trudeau, Leader of the Liberal Party of Canada


On June 26th the Liberal Party of Canada hosted a fun night out at the Archie Browning Sports Centre. We invited all of the people who voted in the LPCs 2013 Leadership race to show our appreciation for participating in this historical event.

The room was charged with excitement about Justin Trudeau and the ambitious campaign Liberals are launching across the country.

We are putting forward a vision for Canada that values: helping the middle-class make ends meet, reconciling economic growth and environmental stewardship. Playing a positive and meaningful role in the world.

Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions or would like to get more involved with the Liberal Party of Canada.

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