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Who We Are

The Senior Liberals’ Commission is dedi cated to making Canada more elder friendly by providing a forum for policy discussion and development . We are men and women, 65* years of age and over, members of the Liberal Party of Canada.

* 60 in some Provinces/Territories

The Commission, under the direction of co-chairs, one female and one male, one English-speaking and the other French-speaking, has a representative in each province and territory whose mandate is to:

  • encourage the establishment of local clubs, wishing to participate actively in the political process; and
  • encourage local clubs to develop policy resolutions dealing with seniors’ issues of national import, for debate at local, provincial, territorial or national Party meetings as well as biennial conventions.

Why You Should be Involved!

The Liberal Party is the only federal political party with an established Commission for seniors to give us a voice in the development of important policies that affect seniors’ lives on a daily basis. The Liberal government also recognizes the enormous debt owed to Canada’s seniors. It was their generation that survived the depression, went to war to protect our liberty and built today’s Canada.